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What is Love?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

This is a very big question. A big question that usually brings many answers. What do you think Love is? We know that Love is patient; Love is kind…it is joy and it is peace. But, is that really all that Love is?

If you’ve seen the movie Wedding Crashers, you remember the scene where the girl asks the guy “What is true love?” He responds with “True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.” It’s a funny movie, but what a great definition and point. Let’s add on to it…

I believe the complete answer is contained in the simple phrase “I Am”.

Why is this the answer?

Who are you? Where do you come from? What is it that makes you, you? All of these questions have one reply…Source. Creator, Source, God, whatever you choose to call It, is Love. What else could Source be but pure Love? …nothing more, nothing less.

We all come from Source and go back to Source. We are all individualized or seemingly separate portions of the Creator; we are reflections of light. Each of our personalities makes up the Whole, like facets of a crystal. We begin as One and “separate” ourselves to go out and gain experience in order to learn and evolve our soul. Our individual experiences help to create our perspectives and form our unique realities, where we learn as parts of the Creator, the One, learning about Itself.

So what is Love? You are Love. I Am Love. We are Love. We are One. In the One, there is only Love.

How can this be true when reality doesn’t seem to be so loving all the time? As I write this, I am sitting in an outdoor waiting area where there are others also waiting, getting work done, or making calls. Along comes a woman on the phone. She seems completely annoyed with the person she is talking to. She comes and sits two chairs away so I (whether I wanted to or not) hear the whole conversation. In the past, I would have been annoyed with her and probably gotten up and moved, not wanting to hear the nonsense or be around the energy. But instead, I recognized what was happening. I am sitting here writing about how we are all One and this example sits down next to me. Hmmm. Thank you universe. This was an opportunity for me to examine those parts of myself that this woman was mirroring to me, and to ultimately be able to see the Love within her and in within myself in a situation where love was not apparent.

As an empath, I could feel her frustration and impatience. I put up an energetic barrier to shield against these unwanted vibes, but it didn’t survive the whoosh of anger I felt come from her at one point. Wow. It took all the concentration I could muster to focus on seeing the love within her at that moment, remembering that she is only a reflection of me, of Source. How have I behaved this way? Have I made others feel the way she most definitely made the other person on the phone feel? Obviously I have, because otherwise the gift of this mirror would have looked differently. She was demanding, controlling, admonishing, and insensitive. Jeez, this is a tough mirror to examine within myself. But thank you lady…thank you for this exercise. The love and light within me recognizes the love and light within you.

I had a few choices in this situation. I could let her anger come into my world and allow it to make me angry, I could get all spiritually egotistic and look down upon this energy, or I can see her as the Creator experiencing Itself. How else for one to know joy if not to know anger? How can one learn patience without experiencing the corresponding impatience? How can we learn to let go if we don’t know what it feels like to hold on, etc.? You get the drift.

Why would the Creator who is Love want to experience these emotions that seem to be the opposite of Love? How would any experience be gained and anything learned if there was only the realization that Love is all there is? This is why we forget when we are born. If we did remember, we would have nothing to experience, no will to grow and evolve. So we forget, and we get to go out as little creators experiencing all that the Creator can be. The goal is to remember. Remember who you are, remember where you came from, remember what you are made of…Love.

What if we could exercise “seeing our soul’s counterpoint in another” in every experience in everyday? What if we could remember that each and every one of us here is only an illusory fragment of the Creator and just another version of ourselves? What if we could see that Love within ourselves and within everyone we meet? I think with a little practice (and patience) we could have a more harmonious existence with creation and all of our fellow other-selves.

So what is Love…I Am. Remind yourself of this basic fact everyday and watch the Love compound in your world.

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