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Are you Intuitive?

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

No matter who you are or what you do, the answer is YES.

If you are a human being alive on this planet…you are intuitive. Every single soul born into this existence has a higher dimensional aspect of themselves. We call it, the Higher Self. The Higher Self exists at a dimensional level where the soul, having traveled along its evolutionary path has come to a realization of true oneness and unity. Recognizing its oneness, your soul becomes part of a group soul, a collective unity of mind and experience. It is from this vantage point, this awareness, with which your Higher Self is guiding you. In other words, your higher self is you (your soul), only your soul way further along it’s evolutionary path.

For this to make any sense we have to remember that time is only an illusion. All of the past, present, and future exist now. Because all exists now, your Higher Self is always with you in in every moment. Always. And by always, I mean, never not with you…Never.

We also have guides and angels who are helping us all the time. It may be difficult to fathom, the idea of all these beings hanging around “up there”, ready and willing to help us at any given time, but they are, and they are here for each and every single one of us. On the other side, we are all working together, helping with each aspect of our soul’s experience so we can gain in awareness. We do this to evolve every fragmented aspect of ourselves, in order to get back to the Source/Creator from which we came.

At the beginning of creation, we were all One, One with the Creator, One with the All. After gaining awareness, we split off in “separation” to go out and create experience. The goal is to learn and understand all you feel you can, and then go back to the Creator. You can imagine, in an infinite universe, full of endless possibility, that this process can and often does take a very long time.

This is why we have help. It really would be a cruel joke to set us free, erase our memories of where we came from, what and who we are, and then not give us any help. Right? This is not a cruel universe. It is one of Love. It only seems cruel sometimes. It’s really just a little tough Love for the greater purpose of learning and evolving.

In essence, our future selves are helping us. It is in everyone’s best interest for us all to catch up with the rest of our soul group by learning all we can in the most efficient way, so that we can all go back to Source. It’s like the idea of no man left behind…we go as a group or we don’t go at all. It is actually the function or role of the higher self, guides, and angels to help us. It is their job, a job they love doing in service to all. But, they can’t do it for us. This is a journey of personal self-discovery and realization, where we have the free will to make the choices we want to make. Free will, as it has often been referred to, is the first law of the universe. Above all, we have free will, and infringing upon another’s is a big universal no-no. By the time the soul is at the level of higher self, this is deeply understood, and abided by wholeheartedly.

Now, our guides and angels can’t do it for us, and they can’t tell us directly what to do, or not do, but, they can help us in many other ways. For example, it’s that little voice inside your head, the one that guides you away from harm, the one that says, “um, maybe you shouldn’t do that”. It’s always there, whispering to you just when you need it. We all have this little voice; or maybe not a voice but a nagging feeling. This is the voice of your higher self. This voice always tells you things from a place of love, never from fear. The fear voice is your conscious mind. This communication with your higher self is called your intuition. So are you intuitive? Of course you are. The question now becomes, how well can you listen?

How many times have you listened to your intuition and were so grateful you did? And how many times have you ignored it and wished you hadn’t? If we learn to listen, the more we will hear, and the more we will see and feel. If we ignore it, we can remain stagnant in our lives, or even worse, start creating seriously displeasing life circumstances. We do this either subconsciously or unconsciously in an effort to bring awareness to what it is we are ignoring.

Intuition is just one of the many ways our higher self communicates with us. Other common ways are through synchronicities (“coincidences”), music, nature, dreams, signs, symbols, and numbers, to name a few. As far as synchronicities go, I have learned from experience that there is truly no such thing as a coincidence. There is always a reason, a message, a lesson, something behind it that is valuable to your soul’s path. How many times have you just randomly though of someone or something, and you get in the car and a song comes on reminding you of just that person or that thing. Or you notice as you arrive at your destination, all the numbers on your speedometer are 111, 222, 333, etc. Maybe you see these numbers on license plates right as you were having a specific thought. Or every time you look at the clock it’s 11:11 or 2:22. These are all communications from your higher self, helping to guide you. Pay attention to them. Then pay attention to them some more. Work with them. What were you just thinking about when you saw it? Start to define what the signs and symbols mean to you. Ask your higher self what are they tying to tell you. Take a guess, then ask them to only show you that sign when that is what they mean. You can do this for all the different signs, symbols, numbers, etc. that you see. When we do this, our higher self can work with us faster and easier. When we put in the attention, the effort, and above all, remember to ask for help, our higher selves will gladly shower us with communication. The more we communicate with them, the more they can communicate with us. They can only help us if we ask…and we can only help ourselves if we listen. Try it for yourself and watch the magic unfold….

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