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Dr. Erica Middlemiss
Level 3 QHHT Practitioner & Retired Naturopathic Physician

Guided Healing for the Mind, Body, & Spirit


Meet Erica

I am a facilitator of healing, a teacher/student and guide. I believe the only true healer is the one each one of us has within. There is no one that can heal you but you. I function as a guide and a counselor helping you to harness your own innate healing power.

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I Can Help You to...

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Understand Your Connection to Your Higher Self

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Elevate Your Consciousness

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Develop Your Intuition

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Expand Your Awareness

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Uncover Your Hidden Potential

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Remember Who You Are

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Heal Dis-ease

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Recover from Mental & Emotional Trauma

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Heal from Addiction


Find the Answers Within

4 hours


5 Week One on One Program

1 hour each week

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"What amazing work you are doing and I am so happy I found you. I felt so comfortable around you like I've known you forever."

Anne ~ Orange County


“Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination.”

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