Ignite Your Magic

Everything is energy, consciousness is the fabric of our reality. We have immense power within us. We can learn to understand and utilize this power for our own growth, spiritual evolution, and for the benefit of the whole.


This four-week workshop is designed to help you learn about your individual energy system in order to achieve inner balance and knowing. Through setting strong foundations in meditation, working with the energy centers (chakras), understanding the mind, body, and spirit connection, and learning to trust our inner guidance, we remember who we are and ignite the magician within us. 


In this transformational container, we will be diving into understanding the characters, elements, and archetypes within ourselves.  We will examine our patterns and triggers which will lead us to learn the lessons we came here to learn and move forward in our purpose with empowered grace. We will be learning to accept and love what we find and how to come to a place of harmonious balance within ourselves--becoming the truly magical creator beings that we came here to be. We will create new healthy habits and rewrite our story.

When we can understand and accept ourselves, then we can truly know ourselves. In this knowing, we remember who we really are and have access to the wholeness of ourselves. We learn to trust our own inner guidance because we have developed the ability to discern.


With these abilities we can heal ourselves and manifest our greatest dreams! Do you believe you can? I do.


Wouldn’t it be fun to enter into the holiday season more balanced and less triggered? 


Each week we will have a 1 hour group class as well as an individual 1 hour one-on-one session with me. 


Week 1: Meditation 


Intention: Week 1 is meant to help you develop a solid foundation for the spiritual/magical practices you will develop in this program and beyond it. The goal is to help you feel confident in developing and maintaining an accessible and effective mediation practice. 


~ We will learn simple techniques that make meditation easy. (it is, I promise)

~ I will guide us all in group meditation, running energies, and working with the chakra system.

~ Discuss journaling homework

*each participant will receive a special journal prior to the workshop beginning



~ I want to learn all about you. Who you are and how you came to be you.

~ We will talk about your experiences with meditation and learn how to work around any challenges.

~ We will create a mantra just for you to use in meditation

Week 2: Understanding our Chakra System


Intention: Week 2 is meant to help you develop knowledge and experience of your basic energy anatomy.  The goal is to become familiar with our energetic selves so we may begin to see how it influences our daily life. 


~ We will learn how our mind, body, and spirit are connected and what roles each play in our journey 



~ We will discuss what you have learned about your own energy system

~ I will provide guidance to help you come to your own understanding of it 

Week 3: Examining our Energy Patterns and Triggers 

Intention: Week 3 is meant to help you begin to understand the repeating patterns in your life, to understand the lessons being offered, and to learn how to bring balance to them. The goal is to leave you feeling confident in recognizing and balancing these patterns consistently and effectively.


~ We will learn how to recognize any imbalances within ourselves by taking a good look at our relationships, the way we relate, and how we react to things.



~ Examine any blockages or imbalances, why it is there, and what you can do about it.

Week 4: Trusting our Inner Guidance


Intention: Week 4 is about being able to develop a relationship with your higher self and how to listen to your inner knowing.  The goal is to help you be confident in confiding with your soul and spiritual team for all your evolutionary needs! 


~ Tapping into our intuition and learning how to trust it

~ Meet your spirit guide and explore a past life or experience



~ We will go over everything you have learned so far and put the final pieces together by guiding you into a meditative state and asking questions to help you see that big picture and firmly grasp your understanding of your inner guidance and inner magic!


*Bonus week: One Last Group Session:

~ Share experiences 

~ Questions